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solving the mind-body problem

Tevin Naidu

Is there a Solution to the Mind-Body Problem? Consciousness & Mind Body Solution

Special thanks to Carlos Farias for allowing me to re-post this wonderful interview on @MindBodySolution. Formerly named “The Truth” ‎@SigmaCarlos‘s channel (“Sigma Series”) seeks to better understand the fundamental nature of reality through philosophy, science, & art. His channel uncovers concepts from psychology, mythology, spirituality, literature, media, and more. If you like Mind-Body Solution, you’ll love this educational channel. Please check it out and don’t forget to subscribe!

Tevin Naidu is a medical doctor, philosopher and ethicist. He attained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB,ChB) degree from Stellenbosch University and his Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria. His academic work focuses on theories of consciousness, computational psychiatry, phenomenological psychopathology, values-based practice, moral luck, addiction, and the philosophy and ethics of science, mind and mental health. He is the former host of South Africa’s most popular Asian lifestyle television shows – Eastern Mosaic and Mela. He is also well-known as a two-time castaway on the hit reality television show – Survivor South Africa, and as the host of Mind-Body Solution.