Tevin Naidu | Mind Body Solution

Noam Chomsky (#2)

Free Will, Moral Responsibility, Linguistics, Mental Illness, & the Meaning of Life

Tony Nader

Extreme Idealism, Consciousness as the Ultimate Reality, and Transcendental Experiences

Rebecca Goldstein

The Matter with Matter, Longing to Matter, What Makes Us Human & Why it Matters

Bernardo Kastrup

The False Mind-Matter Dichotomy, Analytical Idealism & Metaphysical Speculations

Philip Goff

Consciousness and Fundamental Reality, Panpsychism, Scientism, Atheism & Religion

Helen Yetter-Chappell

Quasi-Berkeleyan Realist Idealism Without God & the View From Everywhere

Chris Frith

Neural Basis of Consciousness, Biological Bayesian Brains & Interacting Human Minds

Helen Steward

Metaphysics of Free Will, Libertarianism & Determinisms' Incompatibility with Agency

Mark Solms

The Source of Consciousness, Brainstem & Affect, Homeostasis & Variational Free Energy

Noam Chomsky (#1)

The Mind-Body Problem, The Hard Problem of Consciousness & The Problem w/ Materialism

Iain McGilchrist

Matter & Consciousness as Relational, a Divided Brain, & Our Connection to Nature

Donald Hoffman

Is Reality an Illusion? How Evolution Hid The Truth From Our Eyes

Michael Levin

Bioelectrical Networks, Cellular Intelligence, Morphogenesis & Regeneration

Patricia Churchland

Eliminative Materialism, Neurophilosophy, the Origins of Conscience & Morality

Gregg Caruso

Free Will Skepticism, Hard Incompatibilism, Neuroexistentialism, Morality & Ethics

Eric Schwitzgebel

Metaphysics of Mind, Issues of Introspection, Ethics of Ethicists, Aliens & AI

Ralph Lewis

Does God Exist? Purpose Without God & the Unreliability of Subjectivity & Belief

Menachem Fisch

A Philosophical History of Normativity, Neuroscience and the Mind-Body Problem

Risto Miikkulainen

Neuroevolution, Evolutionary Computation and Models of Present & Future Minds

Raymond Tallis

Ontological Agnosticism, a Critique of Scientism & a Case for Compatibilism

Nicholas Humphrey

Illusionism or Phenomenal Surrealism? The Magic of Consciousness & Sentience

Keith Frankish

Is Consciousness Real or Is it an Illusion? Ethical Implications of Illusionism

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Hierarchical Bayesian Brains & the Imposition of Functions, Value & Meaning

Michael Graziano

What is Consciousness? Attention Schema Theory & the Science of Subjectivity